Artist Statement

My artistic practice takes the form of an almost obsessive investigation into the repetitive form of the grid through mimetic processes. I work with fragments of found metal rebar, arranging these linear segments into layered structures. Then in a dark environment, I light this tangled jumble of wire and record its play of shadows in a multitude of media; painting or drawing on an array of surfaces such as paper, raw canvas, and plastic. 

I contextualize my work through the lens of psychoanalytic theory, specifically the Freudian notion of deferred action, which hypothesizes that personal traumas can only be understood retroactively. I adopted the application of this theory for looking at art, historical movements, and revivals. The grid has remained virtually unchanged throughout modern art, my contribution to its continuity as a structure is to disrupt its archetypical representation. 

In my need for constant ongoing iterations and my attempts at re-ordering and cognizance, I obliquely pursue repetitions of repressed conflicts. Like recalling the shadow of a memory, I trace the entangled lines of an immaterial thing, gaining understanding of my own past as well as the historical context which precedes me.


Julia Szabo is a Toronto-based visual artist. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Art in Drawing & Painting, with a Minor in Printmaking, at the Ontario College of Art and Design University. 

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